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My thoughts on business 

Team Building and Effectiveness

All of us, as humans, like to belong and feel part of a cause that not only provides for our families, but also, offers us a higher level of personal fulfillment. By driving a higher sense of teamwork and belonging, we can create very effective teams. Highly motivated and disciplined teams produce results, not only during growth periods, but also during the times of change and uncertainty that all too often appear on a business' horizon.

Organic Growth

To create growth, it takes hard work, discipline and commitment. To achieve sustainable results, we need to work across multiple disciplines and organizations to understand, create and implement sales strategies that maximize share of wallet with the existing customer base. Understanding barriers for growth and working closely across teams to create alternatives and offer an opportunity to win customers’ business, are key to creating a long-term organic growth plan.

Channel Management

Working closely with customers to better understand their needs, wants and to create value for them and their business, is just one part of channel management. As important, is the balancing act of continually evaluating how the business’ goals drive success into the customers business and how the small things, such as consistent pricing, messaging and coverage, make big impact.

Financial Accountability

While business ebbs-and-flows, and most can deal with the ups and downs, as leaders, it is important that we are transparent and clear with a high “Say/Do” ratio and discipline. I have been lucky enough to have worked within the business structures of two of the worlds more financially disciplined corporations (GE and UTC), where strong financial fundamentals drive improvements in profitability and revenue. From these two organizations, I learned how to focus on yearly goals that create both short-term revenue achievements and long-term strategic planning.

Sales Goal Achievement

Organic Growth

Profitability Tracking     

Client Relations

Product Launch

Financial Accountability


Strategic Alliances

Extensive International Experience



Life Safety

Business Development

Security Management

Business Management

Cross-functional Teams






Professional Info

I am an accomplished, seasoned Business Leader with proven success in driving Solution Sales. 


I have in-depth understanding of the entire ecosystem: End-User, Channel and Manufacturer.

During my career, I have demonstrated a consistent understanding of customer/market needs, translated them into defined sales and marketing plans, and "stayed the course" to launch new products at the national level, as well as, internationally. 


I am a self-starter with proven work organization skills, I hold high personal standards and consistently lead teams to achieve their objectives.

Kostas Mellos

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2017 -  2021


a Motorola Solutions Company

Business Development Manager, A&E 

Responsible for creating and executing strategic relationships with  Consultants and A&Es, by creating a grass roots approach that includes national events and local presence.

2014 - 2015

UTC Fire & Security, Interlogix

Distribution Director 

 Responsible for creating and executing strategic growth in national distribution channels, both traditional and IT.

2010 - 2013

UTC Fire & Security

Commercial Leader, Video and Transmission

  • Grew overall video and transmission business across Interlogix, Lenel, Latin America and Canada and outperformed the intrusion business growth by 2x

  • Served as Core Member of Interlogix Leadership team.

2006 - 2008

GE Security

Enterprise Video Sales Leader

  • Built and trained a diverse sales and sales engineering team, committed to achievement of objectives, with keen customer-centric orientation that led to improved client retention

1992 - 2004

Vicon Industries

Joined as International Sales Engineer, promoted to International Sales Manager, and then Manager of Digital Product and Corporate Training.

Helped establish Vicon’s presence in China and Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Established Vicon presence in Latin America and cemented strategic partnerships in the Middle-East for expansion



An ONVU tech business

Vice President of Sales

Responsible for creating and executing strategic growth across the Americas

2015 - 2017

UTC Fire & Security, Interlogix

Director of Sales, National Accounts 

Responsible for creating and executing strategic growth in National Accounts and vertical markets in both direct and distribution channels

2013 - 2014

UTC Fire & Security, Lenel and Interlogix

Product Marketing Manager

Responsible for development of global product marketing strategies for all video products and services.

2008 - 2010

GE Security

Commercial Leader, Video

Developed long-term and short-term strategic plans for Digital Video Security products.

Completed re-branding campaign for video products (TruVision and Ultraview). Introduced a new camera product line, TruVision, and reduced the product launch process time from 14+ months to 6 months that led to capturing half of the 1st year revenue in the first month of launch. Part of the executive team.

2004 - 2006

GE Security

Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Video

Achieved significant sales increase in DVRs, cameras and integration and GE Fiber product line.

Served as Core Member of the Executive Team for multiple acquisitions.

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